Charles Jefferson Oneyear was born in Canada or France .  Stephen's death certificate says Canada but something else, says France .  So we don't know for sure.  He was a pioneer settler as far as we know.  Charles married Sophia Schmitt (birthplace Germany { Alsace area of France/Germany}).  Rumors, that can't seem to be proven and why they came to the U.S. , are family members intermarried with Indians or were horse thieves.  We don't know what happened to them.  Someone said that they went out west to Kansas and died at the hands of Indians.

The only child that I can prove is the patriarch of this family.  When people came to this country, the government wrote down the name how they heard it, unless the immigrants could speak and spell their name.  So we don't know the actual name or spelling of our surname.  Some people change their names to get away of scandal, too.

Stephen Jefferson Oneyear was born Nov. 10, 1852 in Center Township, IA.  Another place has Stephen born in WI., in 1853.  He married Mary Eliza Wood on Aug 29, 1872 , in Dubuque , IA. He farmed up until 1940, then took a job as a track laborer for the Union Electric company. The family moved to town, then.  Stephen and Mary had 13 children, named later. He was run over by a street car and dragged about 150 feet as he was caught in the tracks of the car on Aug 25, 1942 in Rickardsville , IA.   Stephen had internal injuries.  The funeral was held from the family residence to the North Dubuque Methodist Church at 9 a.m.  Stephen is buried at Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery , where he was a member.   Stephen preferred to be called Jefferson.

Mary's birth was Feb. 25, 1857 in Jamestown, WI .  After the death of Stephen, she married again, to a man named Curtis.  She died at her daughter, Lucy's home on July 23, 1931, in Derby Grange at 11:50 p.m.  The funeral was at the Haudenshield Funeral Home at 4 p.m.  Mary is also buried at Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery , as she too, was a member. 


Sophia Schmitt Oneyear * Marriage: 31 Mar 1857 Dubuque, Iowa * Fredrick Goehler

They had several children together: Susan, Emma, Rebecca, Mary, Frank, Lucy and Earl.

I found a census in (P.O. -Durango) Jefferson Township, Dubuque County, IA, June 29th,1860. Sophia had married a man named Fredrick Goehler, a wagon maker.  She was 27 and he was 29.  Sophia's birthplace is listed as France.  Listed in the home with her is a daughter named Almira, age 9 and Stephen, age 7.  Almira is born in Minnesota and Stephen in Iowa.  A third child is listed as Susan, age 2. 

Another find is that Sophia Goehler filed that she was a widow on Aug 4 1890 for husband Fredrick Goehler.  He was a soldier in A 13 Iowa Infantry of the Civil War.  They have him listed as:

Galer, Frederick. Age 34. Residence Third Congressional District, nativity Germany. Enlisted Oct. 6, 1864. Mustered Oct. 6, 1864. Mustered out July 21, 1865, Louisville, Ky., avolunteer soldier.  He was a LINE OFFICER: Per Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 2 -By Guy E. Logan


There is an earlier census with Almira, 4, Stephen, 2 in the Goehler household, both with the last name of Oneyear.  Sophia and Fredrick hadn't been married very long.  I have misplaced it but it is at

Almira 'Mary' Oneyear, Born: 1850, Minnisota,  

Married: William Halpin, 1868 Jefferson Township, Dubuque, Iowa

Died: 06 Apr 1870 Dubuque, Iowa

Burial: Rickardsville, Dubuque County, Iowa

Birth of Daughter Catherine Halpin (18681933)

Sept 20, 1868 Dubuque, Iowa

Birth of Daughter Mary Halpin (18701870)

06 Apr 1870 Jefferson Township, Dubuque, Iowa, USA



Stephen and Mary

Children Of Stephen and Mary

Frank Levi was the first child born to the Oneyear couple.  He was born on Aug. 15, 1873 in Durango, IA.  His occupation was farmer and later storekeeper.  He married Amie M. Sunderland on Apr. 16, 1895 in Sherrill, IA, by Rev. J.W. Feller, Methodist Episcopal Minister.  Annie was 23 and Frank, 22 years old on the day they married.  They had 9 children. Frank spent 18 years operating the general store at Five Points, IA.   He died at his home, Aug. 25, 1942 at Rickardsville, IA.  His funeral was at Grace Methodist Church and officiated by Rev. F. H. Schepple. Frank was buried at Asbury Methodist Cemetery. 

Charles, the son and child of Stephen and Mary was born in 1875.  He married Anna Weiderman on Nov. 23, 1897 in Rickardsville, IA. A Catholic Priest by the name of Geo. W. Clark officiated.  Charles was 23 and Anna was 19 years old.   They had one child, Annie. Charlie as he was called, died Dec. 9, 1899 in a wagon accident.  He as a farmer.  Charles died in Rickardsville and buried at St. Joseph Church Cemetery.

Edward was born in 1878 at Center Township, Dubuque, IA.  He never married but said to be a shepherd.  Edward died in Victor, IA.

Albert, also known as Bert was born in 1880 at Center Township, Dubuque, IA.  He died Feb. 4, 1947 in Sheridan, WY.

Nora E., the first daughter, was born in Durango, IA., according to marriage license.   She married George Spoerl in Dubuque, IA., on Feb. 18, 1908.  He was 26 and she was 27 years old when they married, according to marriage records.  Witnesses were Hilda Nagel and Katie Feller.  J. W. Feller, M. G. presided.  They had no children and were bee keepers.  They built their own log cabin.

Archibald G. was born Apr. 21,1882 in Millville, IA.  Then at the age of 20, he married Anna E. Clark, 19, on May 7, 1905 in Dubuque, IA. There were no witnesses, but Rev. William J. Crewer, presided over the ceremony.  Archie, as he was fondly called died at St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital on Sep. 14, 1937 in Dubuque.  The funeral was held from  Didesch Funeral Home to St. Columbkille's Catholic Church at 9:30 in the morning.  The Rev. L. C. Craney, assistant pastor, sang the high mass of requiem and the children of St. Columbkille's School attended the mass, also.  Archie was buried in St. Philomena's Cemetery, at Asbury.  Rev. L. Q. Halpin pastor of St. Columbkille's Church, conducted the graveside service.  He and Anna had 8 children.

Scott, born on Mar. 29, 1883 at Dubuque, IA,  married Agnes Bakey, when he was 24 and she was 19 years of age.  He was a father of 4 children.  Scott died Oct. 20, 1963 in Dubuque, IA.

Mary, also known as May, was named after mother, Mary.  She was born in 1888 at Center Township, Dubuque, IA.  May married twice, first, to a man named Rieper, and secondly, to Oderwald.  She and Oderwald had a girl named Gladys.  May died in Detroit, MI.

Lucy was born at Durango, IA., in 1891.  She married Frank Spoerl, brother to George Spoerl, at Dubuque, IA., on June 2, 1909.  Lucy was 19 years old and Frank was 26, the day they married.  Witness was Dora Koelz and was married by J. W. Feller.  She and Frank had 2 boys.  Lucy died in Anaheim, CA.

Leo Benjamin, born July 13, 1892 in Center Township, IA.  He moved to Sheridan, WY. in 1916 and married Ellen Raitt, June 1920.  They had 2 children.  His occupations were electrician and minister.  Leo was an overseas veteran of WWI.  He was member of the local Masonic Lodge and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Leo was also a member of the First Christian Church.  He died at the age of 53 from a long illness at Hines Veterans' Hospital in Illinois, Oct. 31, 1945.  He was buried in Sheridan, WY.

Fred Grant was born Sep. 6, 1894 in Dubuque, IA.  He was a railroad laborer.  Fred married Effie Belle Pearson in 1916 in IA.  He is said to be a very hard working man that did not like to argue.  Fred had sandy red hair and one crossed-eye.  He and Effie had 5 children, but Fred died when the fifth child was only 5 months old.  Fred died June 27, 1939 in Sheridan, WY., with  Rev. Charles E. Hardesty officiating.

Adeline, Apr. 30, 1900, Center township, Dubuque, IA., married Ralph Shaw.  She is buried in Victor, IA.

Harold S. born on Mar. 20, 1904 in Dubuque, IA.  At this time, I don't know who he was married to, the first time.  His second marriage was to Anna Marie Bates.  Her mother had to sign for permission as Anna was only 17.  Harold was 31 years old when they married on Apr. 5, 1935, by the Justice of the Peace, M. P. Hogan, in Dubuque, IA.  At this time, Harold was a watchman.  They had one son, Harold J. in 1941.  Harold died Sep. 25, 1981.  The funeral was held on Sep. 28, 1981 at 11 a.m.  The clergymen officiating were Rev. William Dix and Rev. David Pocholke.  Harold was buried at Asbury M. E. Cemetery, in Asbury, IA.


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The Children's  Families

Frank Charles Edward Albert
Nora Archibald Scott Mary
Lucy Leo Fred Adeline


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