Welcome to my dedication page for police officers, no matter where they serve.  They can be military police, city, county, state or federal.  I know that they all have a thankless job and take a risk everyday.  In reality, I don't  know what they have to put up with or how dangerous their jobs 'really' are.  All I know is what I see on the TV.  I know that I will receive mail about 'bad cops'.  There is always a 'few bad apples' to make it seem that the barrel is all bad, people.  Just because you run into one or two that break the 'blue code of ethics', doesn't mean the majority does.  When you are in trouble, who are you going to call?  You are, most always, going to call 'the police' for 'HELP'.  They always respond, no matter the problem.  So give them credit.  You do have 'some trust' in these troops of the street, after all.

A Dream Gone Away

I admire the person that successfully becomes an officer of the law.  I once had a dream to join this blue team for a career, but I was talked out of it.  I was told that 'cops can't be Christians.  They lie, cheat and coerce people to do things that the cops want, no matter if they are guilty or not.'  I was also, told that I couldn't handle that kind of work.  I'm to weak minded.  So many things I was told, that I never tried.  When I was between the ages of 12 and 17, I used to dream of being a cop.  I learned how to lift finger prints for my 8th grade science class.  It's what helped me to pass that class.  Had I known about Crime Investigation Units, I would have tried harder, I think.  I don't know.  Now, I know that there are other types of police that I could have tried for, other then 'walk the beat', so to speak.  That was the only thing I knew about being a police officer.  Watching Adam - 12, T. J. Hooker and things like that, do not show the real stuff.  I grew up in a small rural town and the officers that I babysat for were nothing like that.  I wish there was some kind of education program, back then.  Something to show me the different ways that you can be a cop.  This job is so important, in every aspect. 

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