The Noodle Doodle


Hello!  I'm the Noodle Doodle.  I am a hyper and springy 2 year old.  The vet said that I have a long-legged Jack Russell body, a Spitz tail and a border collie head.  I'm a 'mutt', but mommy and daddy make me feel special.  I have to compete for attention, like the others but that makes it fun.  I am full of surprises.  You never know when I am going to jump up on you.

Here I am, new too the family.  My new grandma is hugging on me.  I don't like to be held down because I am independent.  I'm the Noodle Doodle.  I was about 5 months old when someone dumped me in a house division that so happens that my new family lived in.  I was scratching on a door of a house on a corner that I find out no one was home, when I see this big pick-up drive by me and go up this hill.  I decided to follow.  Maybe they had food.  This big ol' man gets out of the pick-up  and starts talking to me.  He calls mom on the phone and she comes outside.  Mama didn't have the heart to take me to the pound.  So, I got a new home and family.

I have a big brother.  He's good to me and watches out for me, in case mom and dad forget that I am outside.  He lets them know its time for me to come in.  We are in/out dogs.  We do have a tendency to want the very same bone or toy, though.  That drives mom and dad crazy, but we get through it.  Pepper and I wrestle a lot.  We also play 'tug-o-war', that is Pepper's favorite game and I am getting stronger to beat him, some times, though he is twice my weight.

I sleep wherever I want to.  Mostly I sleep next to daddy's legs at night.  I'm precious, don't you think?  I sleep a lot because I use up so much energy.  I eat as much as my brother, but the doctor says that I am still underweight.  I'm busy..busy..busy.

I'm a digger.  I hunt for grubs and crunch them to bits.  I love to dig holes and I love to run.  Most of all, I love to go for walks whenever mom or dad take me.  We don't go enough.  See my dirty nose?  I was digging and rooting again.


I'm very photogenic.  Sometimes I look very distinguish, sometimes, just cute.  Mama doesn't know how to classify me.  She says that I root like a pig, climb like a mountain goat, sit on my behind like a human and jump like a cat.  My biggest pet peeve is water.  Well, water as in a bath or a pool.  I don't mind staying out in rain looking for grubs.


Well, that is some about me.  It's time to go get a treat now.  I like the big milk bones that my brother gets.  Yum..yum....




Photos and graphics are created by Tina Oneyear.  2009