William Manning, age 48 in the Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY,  06 Sep 1850 census.  It states that his property value was worth $1,000 and that his occupation was a home painter.  He was born in England.  Elizabeth, his wife was 27 years old and born in New Jersey.    At this time, they had 4 children.  William H. was 10 years old, Elizabeth E., 8, Samuel S., 6, and Charles E., 4.  The children were all born in Kentucky.
Census of 1870, in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY has William H. Manning, 29, and Elizabeth, 26, with 1 month old John.  He says that the value of his real estate is worth $8,000.  The value of his personal estate is $150.  I think he is listed as a tinner, but it is hard to read.

The census of  2, June 1880 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY states that William H. Manning was 30 years old.  His occupation was a tinner (tinsmith: someone who makes or repairs tinware).  His father was born in England and mother in NJ.  He was married Elizabeth, 30.  She was born in Kentucky.  John W., 10, Emeline, 6, Martha, 7 and Archie,1 were all born in Kentucky as well.  

In the 1900 census of Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY, William is listed to be 59 and his wife is listed as Lizzie.  She is 56.  The census states that William was born in 1840 and Lizzie, in 1844.  William states that he is still a tinner at Beatty's and he owns his house, free and clear.  Listed children, at this time, are Archie, 21, born in April of 1879 and works as a box maker at Beatty's, James H., 17,  July 1882 and works as a box maker somewhere else.  Also, at home, is George E., born 15, born July of 1885.  George attended school.  All were born in Kentucky.

William H is listed in the 1910 census with Elizabeth.  He is 69 and she is 66 years of age.  He is still a tinner and the business is at Beatty's  house.

1920 census, William H. is 79 years old and Elizabeth is 74.  He states that neither one have an occupation.  His father was born in England and mother in New Jersey.  Elizabeth's parents are both from Germany.

William H. died at the age of 86, Mar 31, 1926 in  Jefferson Co., Kentucky.

Archie Manning born April 11, 1879, according to his military registration.  Date of registration was Sept. 12, 1918 in the Portland, OR., area.  He was married to Hilka Jem Albers.  The registration says  he was a medium build and medium height for a man.  Archie had blue eyes and light brown hair.  He was a machine man at Central Dors K in Linnberg Co., OR.

In the 1920 census of Portland City, Multnomah Co. OR, Archie Manning is 48 years of age and rents his home.  He works as a cabinet maker in a planing mill.  His wife, Hilkie, as she was also called was 25 years old, and was born in Oregon.  They both could read and write.    Hilkie's father is listed, being born in Tennessee and her mother was born in Germany.  At this time, the children that are listed are Archie, 12, Franklin, 5, Henry, 4, Clarence, 2 and Florence Bell, 8 months old.  All were born in Oregon.  Archie is the only one of the children that attended school and could read and write at this time.

The Manning family are listed in the 1930 Census of  Linn County, Oregon.  Archie, 50, Hilka, 35, Frank, 15, Henry, 14, Clarence, 12, Florence, 10, Susie, 9, George, 8, Elizabeth, 3 and Eleanor 1 year and 8 months.  Value of the home was $1,500.

Archie died in Linn Co., OR, May 17, 1932.  Hilka remarried Edward LeFrancis and had at least one son, Earl.  Hilka died May 29, 1981 in Albany, OR.  

Henry Roy Manning was born Aug. 1915 in Albany, OR.  He enlisted in the military on Oct. 26, 1942, in Portland, OR.  Henry's enlistment was for the duration of the war.  He served in the South Pacific.  His education consisted of grammar school and the civil occupations at that time was truck driver.  At this time, he is also, listed as separated with dependents.

 Henry, then, married Irene Louise Houberg, Dec. 19, 1946 in Albany, OR.  Together, they had five children.  All are living except one, Henry Roy Jr.   Henry Sr.'s work history was mill worker and logger.  He and Irene divorced in Albany in Nov. of 1962.  Henry died of heart failure and paralysis on the fall of 1971, in Albany, OR.


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