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 The five older Houberg brothers, left to right.
1) ?   2) Louis    3) Fred    4) ?   5)Andrew

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Ole Lauridsen  Houberg was born Mar. 20, 1853 in Hjarup, Ribe County, Denmark and immigrated to the US from Denmark.  He departed Hamburg Germany on 19 Mar 1885 on the Steamboat named Moravia .  Accommodation was listed as steerage.   Ole is 32 years old according to the ship's manifest.  He arrived in New York.

A family member states that Ole was and alcoholic.

The 1910 Census says that Ole entered the country in 1880 and a laborer at odd jobs.  This census also states that this is Ole's 2nd marriage and he and Grace have been married for 17 years.  They lived in Pontiac Township-city, on Aurora St.

Magdalene Drangsfeldt  (1st wife)b.  Nov. 13, 1847,  Kastrup, Haderslev County, Denmark
                                                            m. 12 Sep 1874, Gram, Haderslev County, Denmark
                                                            divorced - in the States
Lena as she was called immigrated to the US with Ole and the five oldest children.  She was 36 years old according the the ship's manifest.

Children - 
Louis Hanlon - b. Feb. 9, 1875,    Denmark
                         d. Jul 1964, Lake Co., MT, buried- Sunset Memorial, Lewis & Clark, Helena, MT
Mathew C. - b. Aug. 11, 1876, IL
                      d. Aug. 20, 1963, Buckingham, IL
Anton Louritzen - b. May 24, 1878  Denmark
                              d. Dec. 2, 1952
Andrew Louie - b. May 4, 1881
                          d. Jan 9, 1963
Katherine - b. 07 Mar 1885, Gardner, IL
                  d.  15 Apr 1966, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois
Fred - b. Sep. 30,1887
           d. July 1971,  Cayuga, Livingston Co., IL
Helena - b. Dec. 16, 1889

Grace Fleming (2nd wife)  -  b. Abt. 1875, Indiana, USA
                                              m. Sept. 6, 1896, Grundy, IL
1910 Census says that Grace had 8 children, but only 7 were listed.

Children -
Magdalene - b. 1898, Illinois
Ole L -  b. 05 Oct 1899, Illinois
             d. 08 Mar 1962, San Francisco, California
Simon E. - b. 19 May 1901, Illinois
                  d. 14 Mar 1967, Grandveiw, Sangamon, IL
Cora Janietta - b. 16 Aug 1901, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois
                  d. 07 Apr 1949, 
Garrettia - b. 1903
Mary -  b. 08 Aug 1905, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois
             d. Sep 1973, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois
Julia - b. 1908, Illinois

Louis married Maud Tuck (b. 1883       d. May 30, 1963  Hill, MT).  On his draft registration card for the WWI, Louis said that his occupation was a 'rancher'.  It mentioned that he had medium build and height, with blue eyes and brown hair.  The draft card was filled out in Lewis & Clark County, MT.  He also worked at a gas factory.  He came to the US with his parents, three brothers and a sister.  He was 9 years old according to the ship's manifest.

Leslie L. - b. Jan 1 1904, Helena, Lewis & Clark, MT
                  d. Jun 30, 1963, Lincoln, Lewis & Clark, MT  buried - Sunset Memorial, Helena, MT
m. Bessie Mae Cleary
b.   03 Oct 1903, Chicago, IL         d. 18 Feb 1980, Helena, Lewis and Clark, Montana
Children: Irene Louise  b. Nov. 2 1924, Helena, MT      d.
m. Irell Madeline Rumping in 1930
b.1910  d. Apr. 16, 1970, Lewis & Clark Co., MT
Children:  Joyce Lenore   b.  27 May 1930, Helena,  Lewis & Clark Co. MT       d.  
m. Dorthy Louise Johnson in 1930
b. May 27, 1911     d. Jan. 12, 1984 Salt Lake, UT
Children: Gerald LeRoy     b. 01 Feb 1929, Salt Lake, UT     d. 15 Oct 2006, Sandy, UT    
m. Crystal Marie Allen
b.             d.
Roy - b. Oct 13,1911
          d. Jan. 9, 1997, Pablo, Lake Co., MT
m. Margaret Mary (b. Sep. 25, 1912      d. Oct.25, 2000, MT)
Betty - b.                        d.
Marylou - b. 26 Apr 1936, Lewis & Clark Co. MT   d. 
Lenora - b. 15 Jan 1909, Lewis & Clark Co. MT        d. 08 Dec 1920, Montana  
Leona Victoria - b. 15 Jan 1909,    d. 
m. Albert J Stoner
Donnie - 

Anton  married Olena G. Jensen (b. Dec 16, 1876  d. 1957)  His draft card said that he immigrated to the US in 1886, from Denmark, where he was born.  He was a farmer, medium build and height with blue eyes and light hair.  His card was filed in Grundy Co., IL.  A census said that his parents were born in Denmark and that he could read, write and speak English. He is listed as6 years old on the ship's manifest.

Vernon - b. 1905, IL        d. Oct 26 1962
m. Marie M  (born May 1, 1903    d. Dec 11, 2002, IL)

Stella - b. 10 Oct 1906, Grundy Co., Illinois     d. 09 Jul 1995,   Heritage Manor, Dwight, Grundy, IL
m. Emory M. Anderson

Hazel - b. 1910, IL    d.          
m. John Knudsen

Mathew states on his draft card that he was a farmer.  He was also, medium build and height with light eyes and hair.  In a census, he states that he was born in Denmark, as well as his parents.  He spoke, read and wrote Danish and English.  He married Mary H. Seeman on Mar. 21 1903.  Mary was born Nov. 7, 1885 in IL and died Oct. 251957 in Buckingham, IL.

Harold - b. Aug 11, 1904, IL       d. Aug. 23, 1966, Buckingham, IL
Edith Christine - b. May 22, 1910, Round Grove, IL        d. Jan 14, 1993, Dwight, IL
m. Willard Robert Richie, Aug 6, 1932
Girl Richie - m. Elliott

Andrew Louie - (some spellings are Andrea)  Draft card was filled out in Grundy Co., IL.  He stated that his occupation was farmer.  He had light eyes and light hair.  Andrew was medium build and height.

m. Ada Louise ? - b. Feb 26, 1887        d. Oct 30, 1966

None known

Katherine was educated in rural schools and was married to Edwin Harder. She was a member of the First Christian Church.  The 1910 census says that Katie worked in a candy factory.  Nick name was Katie.

m. Edwin Lorenzo Harder

Roy L -  b.  Aug 1905,  Walnut, Illinois        d. 05 Jan 1994, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois
Donald -  b. 15 Oct 1914,  Illinois                d. 23 Nov 1995, Illinois
Robert -  b.   11 Jan 1904,  Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois    d. Mar 1974, Pontiac, Illinois
Frank -  b.   24 Feb 1916,  Illinois                d.  Nov 1976, Illinois,
Pauline -  b. ,  Illinois,                                    d. ,Illinois
Helen -  b.  , Illinois,                                     d. ,Illinois
James -  b.                                                   d. ,Illinois

Fred married Mame Federsen (Mamie - b. 1890  d. 1959).His draft registration card said he was a natural citizen (born in the US) and his occupation was a farmer.  He had dark blue eyes, light brown hair and was medium build and height.  His card was filed in Grundy Co., IL

LeRoy Henry
- b. Jul 9, 1921
                        d. Aug. 7, 1995, Reddick, Kankakee, IL
Leroy's draft card said that he was an automobile serviceman and enlisted in the Army on Nov 20, 1942.  He was a warrent officer.  Leroy had 4 years of high school, 69" tall and 159 lbs.
Girl Living -
Boy Living -
Boy Living -
Boy Living -
Girl Living -

Harriet - b.  03 Dec 1923
                 d. Sep 1981, Dwight, Livingston, Illinois, United 
m. Richard E. Foersterling 

Gerald R. - b. Jun 22 1950, Streator, IL    d. Mar 2 2003, Pontiac, IL
Sandy - b.        d.



Information is compiled by Tina Oneyear with the help of  the Houberg family, census records, draft card registrations, old newspapers and various other old records.

Graphics are created by Tina Oneyear.